The wait is finally over, let’s get planting!

Tucked on the left are the newly sown lettuce seeds

Tucked on the left are the newly sown lettuce seeds

My mind has been filled with wonderful savory memories over the past few weeks with the sowing of all our seeds.

It has been incredibly exciting to fill the allotment with a huge variety of vegetables.

A couple of weeks after planting our early potatoes and apple trees, the April weather grew warmer and we decided it was finally time to get sowing.

Planting the first seed felt amazing. I had been waiting for the moment since November when we first took on the allotment. To be able to plant this tiny seed, knowing it would grow into something big, that bears food for us to eat is magnificent.

We managed to sow a huge variety, from radish, sprouts, broccoli and cabbage in our brassica bed, to our main potatoes in our middle bed with beetroot, parsnips and carrots and then some more carrots, spring onion, lettuce and red onion in the the top bed with our already planted onions, shallots and garlic.

We chose to sow a row of carrots inbetween a row of garlic, to see if it would help prevent carrot root fly. The stong smell of garlic should hide the smell of carrots when they are pulled. However, our garlic may be ready before the carrots so it is a bit of an experiment.

Newly sown beds

We squeezed in our spring onions behind our lone rhubarb, and the red onions at the end of the shallot and onion rows, which had originally been filled with the compost heap.

We also decided to dig out the raspberries that we had inherited, because they had so much couch grass entwined with them.

As part of our experimenting, we decided to sow the same seeds at home, in seed trays and bring them on in our homemade greenhouse. We are hoping this will give us more insight into growing, and aid us on our journey.

It was a beautiful day planting these tiny little seeds that will eventually become a life of their own.

I am truely enjoying having this allotment.

Plants give us oxygen for the lungs and for the soul.  ~Linda Solegato


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