Nature’s colourful palette

My soul has definitely felt happier and healthier now our allotment is coming together.

Our beautifully green and growing allotment

Every time we go to check for signs of the seeds growing, I am filled with immense pride and love for our little patch. Our garlic seems to grow before our eyes, and the onions have finally picked up.

The potatoes are doing brilliantly, with gorgeous green plants bursting from the ground now. Even the main crop potatoes have some growth, especially the King Edwards. I love leaving everyday and piling the earth around them, keeping them snug from our changeable weather and protecting them until they are strong enough to hold their own against the elements.

We were a little disappointed when we first checked on the seeds to find barely a sign of life because those we had planted at home in the little greenhouse had already begun to come up. We had a few small tomato shoots, lots of lettuce, a couple of sprouts, cauliflower and several broccoli shoots at home but at the allotment only a few radish shoots were emerging from the soil.

Seedlings showing signs of life

Seedlings showing signs of life

Lettuce seedlings in the homemade greenhouse

Lettuce seedlings in the homemade greenhouse

Luckily the more we visit the more we notice some growth. Now a few broccoli and cauliflowers are poking out of the ground, and the red cabbage which was sown a couple of weeks after the rest, are already making an appearence.

Sadly, as much as the rain has helped our little seeds grow, it has hugely benefited the weeds, especially the couch grass. This week has been spent tirelessly removing the pesky couch roots, which are always so deep. It’s a shame we can’t find a use for couch grass as it grows so well. Once we have all our plants in the ground, the weeds will have much less space to take over and next year we will have a much better idea of how to manage our patch. Our desperation to start growing has meant we haven’t been able to plan as much as I would like, but once we do our PDC (permaculture design course) in September, and have much more time, next year we can produce a much more organic and companioned area.

Magnificent apple blosson

Magnificent apple blosson

We pulled out as many weeds as we could without damaging any potential seeds and decided to squeeze in another carrot row and some more lettuce and spring onions which we slotted in between more garlic.

One of our lovely friends also gave us some cabbage plants which I planted in the brassica bed and we covered them all in our DIY tunnel.

Dave had bought some 2m wide green netting and with some recycled metal rods and plastic tube, we made our own cover for the seeds and plants. We bent the tubing over the bed in an arch, with the rods as supports and cable tied the net securely, to keep out any naughty butterflies.

Next will be the runner bean plants which we have decided to buy because we hadn’t timed our sowings right with the weather.

Dave’s little apple trees are blossoming and really add life and colour to our ever growing patch.

I am completely loving being at one with nature and everywhere I am, I notice more and more. The woods where I live are stunning at the moment, with magnificent carpets of bluebells hidden beneath the sparkling green leaves that are awakening in the warm sun. Flowers are blooming in hedgerows and the garden, the leaves are fantastic shades of green. You can really feel the world waking up after winter.

“Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint, and the soil and sky as canvas” Elizabeth Murray

Spring is definitely here

Spring is definitely here


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